Why I never qualify appointments

One of the greatest lessons I have applied to increase our real estate agent‘s production is that of not over-qualifying an opportunity. It is our nature to do everything we can to protect our time and not go on appointments that might waste our time. Unfortunately this is at the detriment of us meeting with more people. 
My message to my agents is simple, “Go on every appointment”! Remember nothing happens in our business until we get face to face with a potential buyer or seller. 
For our real estate agents in Palm Springs if they can set the appointment they go on it. We will show every buyer client at least one house and use that as an opportunity to get face to face and build rapport. This makes it much easier for us to have the buyer consultation and get a massive database of clients that we have met. On the seller side if they are willing to meet with us about potentially selling their house then whether it be now or 6 months from now I want the opportunity to follow-up with someone I already know.
Some of you may disagree and I would love to hear your feedback on what is working for you. Good luck this month and let’s all push hard to set up a massive Q2!

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